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Other Set-Asides

In addition to small business set-asides, NTS offers additional program options, including 8(a), HUBZone, and Alaska and Native Corp programs.


The 8(a) Business Development Program is a business assistance program for small disadvantaged businesses and is an essential instrument for helping socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs gain access to the economic mainstream of American society. The program helps thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to gain a foothold in government contracting.


The Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) program helps small businesses in urban and rural communities gain preferential access to federal procurement opportunities.

SBA Certified 8(a) Alaska and Native Corp

Indian reservations and Alaska Native Villages suffer from some of the worst poverty in this country, with unemployment levels in excess of 60%. The Indian tribal governments and Alaska Native Corporations (the Alaska equivalent of tribes) have the primary responsibility for promoting economic development. On the premise that it is both appropriate and necessary to use the Federal government’s massive procurement activity to help jump-start reservation economies, Congress has given tribes and Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) unique rights in the Federal procurement process. These rights provide the Federal agencies and federal contractors with strong incentives to contract with tribal and ANC firms.

Doing Business with
the Federal Government

Spending power of the federal government is second to none. The federal government is the world’s largest buyer of products and services. It buys just about every category of commodity and service available, in fact, the federal government discretionary spend for 2016 was $1.15 trillion.

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