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Data Modernization

With the advent of multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud and emerging capabilities in the IoT/AI-ML landscape, NTS believes it is imperative for our customers to begin evaluating a bona fide data modernization capability, and to do so as soon as possible.

Agility is Vital to Mission Success

Data modernization is the process in which DoD organizations will begin migrating away from the legacy architectures of operational data stores and BI tools, as they move to a more Cloud-like architecture. The driving factor for this requirement is that our users need greater flexibility in how they work with their data, and in how they make their data work for them. Agility is vital to mission success.

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The process of modernizing how our users collect data, how they can effectively use their data, and how to freely move it about the battlespace is a critical point that NTS believes needs to be addressed in the near term. Whether the client is facing near-peer adversaries or requires analyzation of massive data sets back in the primary data center, the modernization of these processes is the first step that needs to be taken to ensure success in the modern world.

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Our mission is to bring this capability to the DoD space, operate it in a secure and sometimes disconnected environment, and ensure that modern and legacy systems are fully integrated. This methodology will allow true cloud-to-edge data availability and accelerate the adoption of beneficial technologies like IoT and AI/ML.

NTS views data modernization as a true enabler of cloud adoption. Data sets are growing every single day and our customers need a way to easily ingest, replicate, analyze, and preserve data for operational purposes. We must ensure that whether the data is on your individual device or in the cloud, the user experience is the same.